Our Story

Our store started through a passion and love for watches. In May 2019 I independently started 'HarrysWatchStore' on instagram as a place to buy and sell watches in order to experience as many watches as I possibly could! As a university student with limited funds this was the best way that I found in order to experience as many watches as I could! Through the store I was able to keep watches for a few weeks or months (although I must admit I did struggle to let go of some!) before selling them on in order to free up funds and experience a different watch.
From here I came up with the idea for Harry’s Watch Accessories and through collaboration with expert craftsmen and high end leather suppliers we were able to create luxury travel cases, all of which are handmade from the highest quality materials. As a team we are extremely proud of the products we have produced and we look forward to sharing them with our customers in the hope that they can enjoy them as much as we do! We hope that in the near future we will be able to bring you more watch accessories that will match the quality and design of our current collection.